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Application Notes
The following application notes will assist you in effectively using the features of our products.



Single Board Computers (cpuModules™)

Description Application Note Rev.
Geode LX Migration guide
Using RS-422/485 Mode for Serial Communication
Using Windows Sockets Networking
RTD Linux Support Overview
Linux Interrupt Performance
RTD cpuModule GX/HX to CX Series Migration Guide


Peripheral Modules

Description Application Note Rev.
Flat Panels supported by the CM110/112
LinuxTV.org 2.4 Kernel CM7326/CM7327 Linux Drivers
Using the CM6109 with Linux
Using the Video4Linux2 SAA7134 Driver with the VFG73xx




On November 1, 1999 the RTD BME Laboratories evaluated the vibration resistance of the shock mount isolation base plate. View the white paper for the study. Several videos were taken and are available to download. Save the links below to your computer to view (note: these are large files).

History (1) of IDAN Movie (1.33MB .avi file)

  • 1cm p-p 10 Hz platform vibration

History (2) of IDAN Movie (6.44MB .avi file)

  • 00:00...00:22 -- Calibration of accelerometer and amplifier.
    • The acceleration is 1g RMS, 160 Hz
    • The Accelerometer sensitivity is 5 mv/g
    • Gain is 100, so 1 g means 500 mV
  • 00:23...00:47 -- Random noise excitation.
    • The spectra of the platform acceleration can be seen on the spectrum analyzer,
      the voltmeter shows the 10 g RMS value.
  • 00:48...00:54 -- the experimental setup

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