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PC/104 2-Channel DC Servo Motor Controller

Operating Temperature to +70°C

ESC629 DC Servo Motor Controller
Rugged IDAN configurations available

Key Features

  • PC/104 form factor and stackable bus structure
  • Single board DC servo motor solution
  • Two independent motor interfaces
  • Versatile features include position, velocity and acceleration using dedicated motor control chipset
  • Two full bridges for direct motor connection
  • 60V, 10A onboard MOSFET H-bridges
  • Incremental Encoder inputs with 5V range
  • Onboard +12V@0.5A supply for external devices
  • Output control port to external power stage
  • 24 TTL I/O, 8255 based


The ESC629ER embedded DC servo motor controller board provides a compact single board solution for demanding motor control applications. Motion control tasks are performed by two LM629 motion control chips. These motion controllers interface to onboard MOSFET power bridges that drive motors up to 60V with a maximum current of 10A. For more information on the capabilities of the motion control features of the ESC629ER please refer to the component specific datasheets of the LM629 chip. If you choose to use an external/remote power stage to drive your motor you may use the motor drive port of the ESC629ER. In this port are available both the PWM/DIR as well as H-bridge left/right half control signals for both channels. Also included is a power output of +5V or alternatively +12V to supply remote electronics or drivers.

You may use +5V or +12V supply incremental encoders to provide the feedback from the motors. Special buffering and protection on these inputs is used to meet the requirements of standard EN61000-4-4 for the encoder inputs. This will make sure your boards works reliably in the noisy environments of industrial and automotive applications.

24 TTL level digital I/O are available onboard. These I/O are located to the right side of the board on a 50-pin header. This header has the standard pinout of RTD digital I/O boards.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions
    • Length (L): 3.775 inches (95.89 mm)
    • Width (W): 3.550 inches (90.17 mm)
    • Stand-off Height: 0.600 inches (15.24 mm)
  • Weight: Approximately 0.34 lbs. (0.15 Kg)
  • Standard Operating Temperature, 90% humidity non-condensing: 0 to +70°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • Power Consumption: 2.0 W @ 5 VDC typical (Board only: will increase with motor drive current)

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  PC/104 Two-Channel DC Servo Motor Controller



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