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PC/104 2-Channel Embedded Synchro/Resolver/Inductosyn/LVDT to Digital

Operating Temperature to +70°C

ERES104 Synchro/Resolver
Rugged IDAN configurations available

Key Features

  • PC/104 form factor and stackable bus structure
  • 2 Independent Synchro/Resolver/Inductosyn/LVDT to digital channels
  • Connection to 90V/11.8 V Synchros
  • Programmable sine wave excitation 400 to 1600 Hz
    • Custom Factory excitation up to 10 kHz
  • Programmable resolution 10/12/14/16 - bits
  • Bandwidth up to 1200 Hz
  • Tracking speed up to 2300 RPS
  • Loss-of signal or reference monitor with LED indicator
  • 16-bit I/O-mapped device, simple interfacing from software
  • +5V only operation


  • High reliability position sensing in marine and airborne applications
  • Harsh environment angular or linear displacement measurement
  • CNC machine positioning
  • Radar angle measurement
  • Process control and automation


The ERES104 provides a direct interface to two Synchro/Resolver/Inductosyn/LVDT channels on the compact PC/104 form factor. Both sensor input channels are independently configurable with jumpers. An onboard solid state Scott-T circuitry provides a precision conversion from Synchro to Resolver signals. Onboard precision thin-film resistor divider networks for 11.8 VRMS or 90 VRMS configurations.

The onboard programmable sine wave oscillator reference outputs a 5 - 7 Vrms excitation signal with a programmable frequency range of 400 to 1600 Hz.

This compact board is capable if interfacing to LVDT-sensors and Inductosyn scales with dedicated preamplifier and signal conditioning boards.

You may use the ERES104 to interface to geared Synchros or Resolvers; connect the high gear channel to one input and the low gear channel to the other. The code conversion can then be performed using a software routine.

A direct I/O mapped 16-bit wide host interface is used to address the board. Sensor data can be acquired in two ways; either by polling the channels or by an interrupt driven scheme where an interrupt is generated upon an LSB change on either channel. Both of the RD-converters have their own independent jumper selectable host interrupts.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions
    • Length (L): 3.775 inches (95.89 mm)
    • Width (W): 3.550 inches (90.17 mm)
    • Stand-off Height: 0.600 inches (15.24 mm)
  • Weight: Approximately 0.34 lbs. (0.15 Kg)
  • Standard Operating Temperature, 90% humidity non-condensing: 0 to +70°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • MTBF: 2,085,474 hours
  • Power Consumption: 5 VDC typical (Power up to 2.5 Watts for external Sensors)

Documentation and Downloads

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Value

  PC/104 Two-Channel DC, 11.8 V Synchro/Resolver to Digital Peripheral Module



  PC/104 Two-Channel DC, 90.0 V Synchro/Resolver to Digital Peripheral Module


ERES104ER-3   PC/104 Two-Channel DC, 2.0 V Synchro/Resolver to Digital Peripheral Module



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