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HiDAN® Embedded Systems


RTD's HiDAN systems offer rugged, watertight packaging, locking cylindrical connectors with customer-defined pinouts, EMI suppression and RF shielding options for a stack of PC/104 boards. RTD Engineering will step you through the configuration process from start to finish to provide you with a system matched to your specific application needs. Call our expert staff to begin configuring your HiDAN solution today.

  embedded building block system
  • Choice of internal boards
  • Rugged architecture
  • Cylindrical connectors
  • Customer-defined pinout
  • Watertight packaging
  • EMI suppression
  • RF shielding options

HiDAN solutions are configured to meet your specific application needs.

  • Lunar impact and crater observation
  • Vehicle event data recording
  • Space telescope positioning
  • Wireless telematics
  • Geological surveying
  • Small arms detection and localization
  • Beyond-line-of-sight communications
  • Autonomously guided parafoil
  • Experimental aircraft control
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Atmospheric laser systems
  • Space-based plant growth chamber
  • Aerial surveillance and threat detection
  • Radar control
  • Aerospace tracking systems
  • Locomotive & railway systems
  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Mining and Exploration
  • Torpedo defense
  • Vehicle performance monitoring
  • Border security
  • High altitude research
  • Precision steel bending
  • Aircraft navigation
  • Smart Power Grid
  • Rockets
  • Electromagnetic aircraft launch
  • Aircraft arresting gear
  • Pyrotechnic bolt control
  • Acoustic research
  • Antenna beam steering
  • Mesospheric research
  • Commercial boat sonar
  • Star tracking
  • Paper Mills
  • Aircraft-ground communications
  • Jet engine monitoring and control
  • Rainfall radiometry
  • And many more...


Shown are examples of various HiDAN configurations. Mouseover thumbnails below to view larger images.