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PC/104 Mass Storage Modules

-40 to +85°C (HR) and -20 to +80°C (ER) Operating Temperatures
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PCIe/104 Bus Structure
PC104 Storage Module IOM35106ER [ view datasheet ] OEM

PCIe/104 PCI Express SATA Controller
PCI Express Bus
2.5 inch hard drive carrier with external SATA connector. PCIe Universal. No drive installed. Utilizes a PCIe x1 link to supply two dedicated SATA links.

PC104 Storage Module SATA34106HR [ view datasheet ] OEM

PCIe/104 2.5 inch SATA Drive Carrier
PCI Express Bus
2.5 inch hard drive carrier. PCIe Type 2, SATA interface with lane shifting. No drive installed. Requires additional SATA Controller.

EIDE Connection
PC104 Storage Module CF15118HR [ view datasheet ] OEM

PC/104 CompactFlash Carrier
EIDE Connector
CompactFlash carrier for EIDE connection to PC/104 single board computers

PC104 Storage Module CMT36106HR [ view datasheet ] OEM

PC/104 2.5 inch IDE Hard Drive Carrier
2.5 inch IDE drive carrier and interface for PC/104 Bus. EIDE interface to RTD's 136/137 AMD Geode LX EIDE connector.